mardi 1 février 2011

SPMPT 2.1RC2 : MySQLdb on MAMP

I'm working on SPMPT 2.1 and the new RC2 include this new features :
- MySQLdb-python, will be include in SPMPT by default, many python developper wants it

RC2 :
- Bugfixe
- MySQL-python
- Trac from 0.12.2 (changes)

RC1 :
- Python 2.6.6 (changes)
- Trac from 0.12.1 (changes)
- mod_wsgi 3.3 (NEW) better performances
- mod_python still exists and you can use both mwsgi or mod_python

Note on Python 2.7.1 and 3.1.3 :
The most currently used python release is 2.6.x so most application are compatible with python 2.6.x, I think python 2.7.x we be include in futur release, but it's to soon to define a date.
But if you want it, let me know.


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