jeudi 2 décembre 2010

SPMPT Tutorial : login and users

SPMPT is shipped with a great utility to create SVN repositories and Trac, easly.
This utility create everything you need to start a new project.

But if you wanna add some users to your SVN and Trac, you need to edit htaccess file.
This file is generated for each project and you can found it here :

htpasswd file can be edited with htpasswd executable, but if you are not familiar with command line and terminal, you can use this tool to generate password.
- enter username
- enter password
- click generate
you should get something like this :

- copy and past the line in your htpasswd-[projectname].conf file,
- save it

It's alright.
You can adjust permissions in Trac, to give access to wiki only for example.


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