mardi 22 février 2011

SPMPT 2.1 is out ! Spotlight on Python for MAMP

Hi !
I'm proud to announce that SPMPT 2.1 is now out.
This new release provide many new features. I think the Python programmers will enjoy this new release. It's now easy for any Python programmers to setup environment on Mac with MAMP and SPMPT.
This new version is shipped with MySQLdb-py which permit to Python programmers to connect to MySQL DBMS and use the Django framework on Mac.

The second major new feature is mod_wsgi. Mod_wsgi will replace mod_python, for now, SPMPT 2.1 is shipped with both mod_python and mod_wsgi. So you can change to mod_wsgi freely, with no contraints.

As usual, all components has been updated :
- python 2.6.4 -> 2.6.6
- trac 0.11.6 -> 0.12.2
- subversion 1.6.9 -> 1.6.12
- mod_python 3.3.1 (deprecated)
- mod_wsgi 3.3 (NEW)
- MySQLdb-py 1.2.3 (NEW)
- Django 1.2.5 (NEW)

What's next ?
- PostgreSQL 9 is working on beta release in my labs, So if you are interested, let me know.
- Python 2.7 and Python 3.2 so which are you waiting ?
- Subversion should be updated to the latest available

Tell me what you are waiting for, what are your wishes ?


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