lundi 8 février 2010

SPMPT 2.0 coming very soon ! (Trac 0.11.6, MAMP 1.8.x and Snow Leopard support)

Hello everyone !
I'm proud to anounce a new release 2.0 is coming very soon !
What's new in this new release ?
- add support of MAMP 1.8.4 (support of 1.7.2 is removed, but SPMPT 1.7.2 still available)
- update to Trac 0.11.6
- update Subversion to 1.6.9
- add support of Snow Leopard 10.6 (and Leopard 10.5, but not Tiger 10.4)
- update to Python 2.6.4

It's the easier wait to get a versioning environment, with a subversion server on your Mac.

I know many people are waiting this new release since 1 month, thank you for your patience.
People who buy SPMPT will see this new version in there own download folder.

Thank you for supporting SPMPT !


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