mardi 19 janvier 2010

SPMPT 1.3.1 for 9€ only : include support by mail and updates while 1 year

Hi !
I come back now to propose you the new SPMPT 1.3.1. This new release include some improvement, and as well, new version for Svn, Python and Trac.

Because, many people ask me for support, I propose right now a new offer :
Get SPMPT for 9€ and get support by email and updates for free while one year.

I currently working on new release which support Snow Leopard and SPMPT 1.8.x.
I plan to include PostgreSQL in SPMPT (SPMPTP) what do you think about it ?
put your source code in versionning environment, with suvbersion server on Mac in few clicks!

Thank you for everyones have purchase it !


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