mardi 9 août 2011

SPMPT 3.0b1 : Python, Django, Subversion on Mac with MAMP 2.0

I'm proud to announce, the first SPMPT 3.0 beta is working on Snow Leopard.

What's new
- Python 2.7.2
- Subversion 1.6.16
- Django 1.3
- mod_python REMOVED
- mod_wsgi 3.3
- 32bit and 64bit (intel only)
- PPC support REMOVED
- working with MAMP 2.0

Need to test it on Mac OS Lion (10.7)
If you have any question let me know


4 commentaires:

  1. is it possible to get that beta version? I am on Lion and MAMP Pro 2 and desperately trying to get working today (Django).

  2. Do you have any timeline, until SPMPT 3.0 get’s ready for primetime? I have already upgraded to MAMP 2.0...

  3. If you need a tester I will purchase a copy of 3.0b + MAMP Pro and will run it on Lion.

  4. Bonjour,

    Où en est le développement de SPMPT 3 ?
    La compatibilité avec MAMP 2 m'intéresse grandement.