lundi 8 novembre 2010

Rii mini keyboard wireless

Rii mini keyboard wireless

Specifications :
- Wireless 2.4Ghz
- Full qwerty (include functions keys (F1..F8)
- Touch pad
- backlit (with button to enable)
- laser pointer
- lithium-ion battery
- 100g
- 151mm X 59mm X 12.5mm

Rii mini is shipped with an USB Key. Just plug it to your computer, no driver needed. It's working on MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS X.

Full qwerty
With 56 Keys (including shift, ctrl, alt, logo, space, enter, backspace, escape, tab, capslock) + 8 Functions Keys + 4 arrows Keys (up, down, left, right)
The keyboard has many keys for media center, play/pause, next, previous, increase volume, decrease volume.

The touchpad is usefull, but it's small, so it's good for short time of use, like opening a folder to launch a movie or a playlist. Touchpad can rotate 90 degres if the remote is horizontal or vertical.

Rii mini is built for presentation and media center use. So backlit is very usefull in this kind of situation.

Laser pointer
If you are a conferencer it's a very good tool, but for media center, it's not really important.

built-in battery is an Lithium-Ion, so battery life is good. You can charge the Rii mini with the USB cable shipped with.

Rii mini wireless keyboard, is the perfect remote/keyboard, for media center, it's permit you to control your computer until 30 meters. With backlit, you can use it in the dark, it's nice when you are watching film and you want pause, or decrease volume. Its size and weight permit you to use it like your TV remote, the keyboard it's like your smartphone keyboard, so it's easy to use. the trackpad is usefull because some task are really faster with touchpad/mouse than keyboard.

You can found Rii mini on eBay, or for example about 50$

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