jeudi 18 février 2010

SPMPT 2.0 : Trac on MAMP for your Mac

Hello !
I'm happy to present you SPMPT 2.0, this new release is build for MAMP 1.8.x for Leopard and Snow Leopard, the package is Universal Binary.
New in SPMPT 2.0 :
- MAMP 1.8.x support !
- Snow Leopard support !
- Trac 0.11.6
- Subversion 1.6.9
- Python 2.6.4
- mod_python 3.3.1

Everything to get a svn server on your Mac, in few clicks !

What's new in futur release ?
I already planed a release for MAMP Pro.
and because I think SPMPT is the better web developper environment, I will include a new software : PostgreSQL, everything in a easy to install package !

Hope you will enjoy this new package.


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