vendredi 6 mars 2009

SPMPT : new Release 1.2 (many fixes !) (svn4mamp become SPMPT)

Hi !
Today I come back with a new release of SPMPT for MAMP. This time, I take more time for testing and re-testing installer package. The new package work very well with a clean installation of MAMP, but both on a older installation. I include SetupDemo, a new script which create a SVN and a Trac environment. Now SPMPT for MAMP Works Out of Box!. Your svn server on mac in few clicks !

- fix svn-python binding problems
- fix rights on python, trac, libsvn
- fix httpd.conf update
- add during installation
- tested succefully on clean MAMP 1.7.2 Install

Please test it !

download spmpt

7 commentaires:

  1. Hi Cédric and compliment for your work.

    I was wondering, is it possible to create several different svn repository after you have installed spmpt?


  2. Hi Riccardo !
    I'm glade you like this package !
    Absolutly ! You can create many different svn repositories. Follow the update in this post !

  3. hey cedric! thanks for you nice and useful package! it saved me a lot of work i guess. I use now svn in the local network. I would like to create some users for a certain repository. At the moment I can use username:demo and password:demo. I don´t know were demo/demo is coming from and how i could change that. Thanks for your help. cheers, florian

  4. Hi florian,
    you can add users, in the htpasswd file : /Applications/MAMP/conf/svn-auth-file
    Hope I help you


  5. Thanks Cedric for your super-fast answer! Editing the file mentioned by you is for svn in general right? I use the svn client "Versions" and try to connect to a certain repository. Works great with demo/demo as user/password combination also from another computer. I would like to add additional users for accessing the repository. I guess I have to go to the file svnserve.conf in the repsository - uncomment some lines then add users in the file passwd (as it is explained here: but so far no success and just demo/demo combo is working. Is demo/demo a svn default or where does it come from? Many thanks! flo

  6. Hi !
    The way explain in your link doesn't work with svn+apache.
    You have to modify /Applications/MAMP/conf/svn-auth-file
    with htpasswd (
    for example : htpasswd /Applications/MAMP/conf/svn-auth-file newusername

    Next you have to login to Trac and set access for your new users in Admin panel.

    Hope i Help you.


  7. hey cedric!
    thanks for your help! worked perfectly with htpasswd... many greetz, flo