mardi 1 août 2006

Compiz & Xgl updapted July 28, 2006

Use the script(en)-(fr) to upgrade Xgl & Compiz. You can found some utilities there like GCompizThemer or Gset-Compiz.

P.S. : you may have to install libwnck (via apt-get)

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  1. Hello once again,

    Since i really want Xgl running i made a fresh install of etch, i ran your script but at the end it would start only gnome as usual even past 10 20 mins. So i wrote the simple test script and on the tty1 shutdown the gdm and started the script even run perfectly. With root running that script from the tty1 i have a perfect Xgl! :)

    However even after editing the gdm.conf so it would run the Xgl server and then starting compiz i have some errors, i believe its because of permissions, because the user skit can't read all the plugins and stuff from the compiz and maybe xgl.

    What should i do ? I know it runs and runs very nice but i really would like to run it as skit and at the startup!

    Thanks sonique for everything you have been doing for us.

  2. Hi

    Thanks, it works, but the keyboard what I have works not very well... (Hungarian)
    Alt GR unusable and the same with numpads sign. I read everywhere the same error is reported, somewhere a solution like:
    setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout hu -variant basic

    But that is not working:
    Error loading new keyboard description

  3. Solution, what I wrote:

    Until now hungarian was selected, now the us/en and the hungarian keyboard works fine.
    Yeah this is a workaround, but it is fine!