dimanche 14 mai 2006

Update of the auto-install Xgl script

Hi !
I have updated the auto-installation script with the lastest Xgl packages (around 3 May 2006).
the script is release in French and in English.
you can download it ici (français) or here (english)
as ever if you have problem or suggestion, leave a comment !!!

Run and Play

see you soon

:: Cédric

[EDIT : May 15 2006] Error in wget ... xgl-cvs : corrected (thanks to Mikesh) [/EDIT]

6 commentaires:

  1. Hi !
    If you have a problem, please :
    - give your configuration,
    - give errors or describe them,
    - explain what do you do to try to resolve it.

    If you resolve a problem please come back here and leave a comment, for other users.

    Thank you very much

    Sonique :: Cédric

  2. hi, i'm using nvidia card fx5600, and when i open xgl-sh script it says "no glx visuals avaliable"! i'm using kde and the composite extension works well... thanks

  3. Hi !
    no glx visuals avaliable :
    comment (with #) in your xorg.conf composite extension, make sure you have Nvidia driver (downloaded from nvidia.com). please come back to say if that works ;)

    sonique :: Cédric

  4. Hi!

    Nice script, worked almost perfectly.

    Maybe to make it dummy-proof, you can add something like
    if [ $EUID != 0 ]; then
    echo "You must be root!";
    because n00by me tried "MAYBE it works :)" and it just downloaded the stuff and didn't do anything else
    (in the end I ended up with 4 of each of the downloaded files, cuz then I just reran the script to make it default ;))

    Second suggestion is to check if the /var/apt/lockthigny is locked (don't know it's name atm.) so apt-get will work (or you have to run the script again (and there is my 4. version of the files ;))

    So, and I have an error, but that is not directly related to you or your script I think, I have only the "fade"-plugin in gconf, even if in /apps/compiz/general/allscreens/options everything is set :/

    in /usr/lib/compiz there are library-files so they're installed properly I think...

    Some features don't work with me atm. (like zooming), but the cube stuff works for example... maybe its related to my keybindings (don't have windows-keys) or something else, have no idea how to figure out without to configure it..
    So maybe it will work if you send me the part of your gconf-file?

    anyway, REALLY nice and I was quite surprised it worked instantly even if its alpha and stuff ^^

  5. So, all features that doesn't require windows keys work/worked,
    I installed the old CVS version you posted the link in the other blog and with that the plugin-entries were added to gconf, but without options, only descriptions >< (And i just had a white cube without desktop, but its outdated, so it doesn't matter ^^)
    Anyway, I'll try gset-compiz out now,
    maybe you add that to the script as well by default, hehe? ;)
    I really appreciate your work, thx again :)

  6. hi im having a error booting..


    following comes, tried to edit gdm.confg-custom ,etc also its all empty how 2 make it start normally